We know ya love your new tattoo and are just dying to show your friends but for the life of your new ink listen to your artists aftercare.

Leave the bandage on! The artist took the time to cover your tattoo for a reason
to keep air-borne bacteria from invading your wound so keep the bandage on for 2-4 hours.

Wash And Treat: Use HOT water and a mild antibacterial soft soap, gently wash away any blood, ink, ointment and/or plasma and completely clean the area.
DO NOT use a wash cloth or anything abrasive, your hand is your best tool.
Pat dry (do not rub) firmly with a paper towel until completely dry followed by the application of a little bit of ointment.

*DO NOT USE*neosporin,polysporin,vaseline,any type of petrolium jelly or hemroid cream all and more of these will WRECK your tattoo.
There are many different tattoo aftercare products. Our aftercare is recomended but any vitamin A,E, and D cream will suffice.You may also want to check out these brands:
H2Ocean, Tattoo-goo, Simpleshield or Aveeno, as long as the lotion is non-scented and some-what healthy for your skin it wont hurt.Also remember that a brand new tattoo and the rays of that gorgeous sun = touch-ups!